The current lifestyle and working schedules have complicated our lives and made them hard as compared to 100 years ago. The high living standards both in the UK and the rest of the world contribute to lifestyle diseases. If this trend continues, it can cost us a dime or life. Maybe you work on an 8 to 5 schedule or take a second job for you to earn considerable money. The hectic lifestyle does not afford you a chance of getting proper exercise. You end up piling belly fats and complaining of constant back and muscle pains. This story should not be the case when you have a personal spin bike.

What is a spin bike?

A spin bike refers to the exercise bikes at the gym or in people’s homes. Spin bikes come in different shapes, sizes, and models. Every bike has unique features and design to make your exercising easier. Some bikes have simple features while the modern ones feature different characteristics that make them more convenient.

Why spin?

Spinning, just like other forms of exercise has many advantages. Have you ever thought why your former schoolmate still looks young and energetic? Well, I have compiled some of the important reasons you should get a spin bike today.

Weight Loss

Spinning burns many calories in your body aiding in weight reduction. Having a spin routine of between 50 to 60 minutes every day burns about 500 -1200 of calories. I suggest you set the appropriate pedal action resistance according to your weight and routine.

Cardiovascular Health

The continuous pedaling results in a stronger vascular system, heart, and lungs. It enhances quicker transportation of blood throughout the body. The veins and arteries also supply oxygen and regulate carbon dioxide in the system.

Efficient low-impact Exercise

Spinning exercises and tones the butt, legs, arms, and core. It’s different from jogging that involves jarring and pounding of the joints. The bike workout provides super fitness level to people of all ages. Individuals who can’t lift weight because of common problems can find solace in riding a spin bike. Riding spin bikes offers a safe alternative than other exercises that cause joint sprains. I encourage spinners to use pedaling straps to avoid falling off the cycle during the workout.

The first time I used a spin bike I had fears about the comfort of my back. However, I realized that many models have support for the back shoulders and arms. More so, the handlebars provide support during the real workout. I realized meaningful results after several spinning sessions. The advantage of spinning is the toning of the legs and increase in the muscle strength and quality.


Unlike other fitness workouts, using a spin bike offers you the chance of setting your own pace. I set a personalized resistance according to the training regimen and intensity. Competing with yourself encourages you to reach set and achieve higher goals.

The power of team spirit

There’s nothing more fascinating than training as a group. Most spinning classes have many members endeavoring to achieve desired fitness goals. Joining a spinning class is like joining a members club. You will meet different people with different training needs. As a result, members get encouraged and work towards fitness goals as a team.

Examples of Spin Bikes for Different Occasions

There are many models of spin bikes to help you achieve your fitness goals. This list features eight bikes from various manufacturers. The list gives a clue of what to expect when looking for a spin bike.

(a) The Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

This bike ranks as the top value spin bike available today. It comes at a half price as compared to other spin bikes. It has a heavy flywheel that makes your spinning very smooth.

(b) Keiser M3i Sets Indoor Cycle

This model boasts of being the best high-end bike. It has many features that establish the standard in the spin bike industry. It’s the best machine for riders who value comfort and convenience. All digital and modern features make it a great buy.

( c) FitDesk 2.0 Desk Exercise Bike with Massage Bar

If you your desire is getting a quality and affordable spin bike consider Fitdesk 2. Desk. Apart from exercising, the bike allows you to work on your laptop as you burn the calories. It’s the right bike for office use. It comes with transport wheels, therefore, making it easier to carry it from one place to another.

(d) Marcy upright bike

Many gym enthusiasts regard this bike as the most familiar with the challenge, low impact workout, and durability. This model has a smooth and quiet magnetic resistance system that makes your resistance enjoyable and silent. Assembling all parts of this bike is easy. Marcy upright bike is ideal for houses with small floors due to its compact design. The bike is portable because it comes with transport wheels. With this feature, even your young daughter can move it around. To cap it all, it has all the comfort needed when cycling. It’s the best bike for young mothers who value their health and physique. You don’t have to spend a fortune to own this affordable and comfortable exercise bike.

(e) Exerpeutic GOLD 500 XLS Foldable Upright Bike,

Heavy-weight people need not worry about getting the appropriate bike for their fitness purposes. Exerpeutic gold is a heavy duty and durable bike that assures you of maximum performance. This bike comes with a robust and durable steel frame which can support 400 lbs. Its foldable design makes it easy to fold and store. You, therefore, don’t need a special room for storage. You will also benefit from the extended leg stabilizers that prevent tipping during the workout. What makes this bike a must-have is the heart pulse sensor that monitors your heart rate. Exerpeutic Gold is appropriate for users ranging from 5″1 to 6″5. It caters for grown ups

( f) Sunny Health & Fitness P8100 Bike

This model is the best women’s choice! This model is a small and fully customizable bike suitable for women under 240 pounds. It’s attractive and feminine. It retails at an affordable price considering its many features

What to Consider Before Spinning

Spinning, just like any sport follows guidelines for effective results. Here are the issues to consider before spinning.

Dressing: – It’s advisable to wear shorts and T-shirts before spinning. Spinning requires tight clothes that stay dry during the exercise.

  • Adjust the Bike features: Remember to set the pedal straps, saddle, according to your height and weight. This action gives you control during the intense workout.
  • Understand the bike functions: – Read the user manual that comes with the bike to know how it works.
  • Have a good towel: -Get a towel for wiping the sweat during spinning. You can keep the towel on the handlebar for easier access.
  • Drink enough water: –Take short breaks and drink enough water during the session. Little water consumption and an extreme cardio workout seem detrimental to your progress and health.

Factors to Consider When Buying A Spin Bike

Getting a new spin bike depends on several key factors listed below.

Design and Structure

When buying a cycle, you should consider its design and structure to know the kind of service the spin-bike gives. Ensure to get a bike whose structure conforms to your physique and training needs. A good bike allows you to adjust the seat and handlebar. It also comes with a sturdy frame and a quality flywheel.


Gauge if the bike performs according to the manufacturers claim. The best way of knowing is by reading customers testimonials and reviews on sites like the Amazon. I spoke to several gym enthusiasts who gave reviews of their preferred machines. You can also take the same step before making an informed purchase. Remember, a good bike must be worth its value.


If you want good results, you must consider the comfort of the spin bike. Ideal bikes have comfortable pedals that enhance hassle-free riding. The space between the seat and the handlebars should also be convenient to your spinning. It’s recommended to buy a bike that assures you of long comfortable spinning sessions.


Nobody wants to spend all fortune on a spinning bike. Buy an affordable bike within your budget. You can buy a second-hand bike from trusted sellers if you can’t afford a new one.

Magnetic Resistance

Modern bikes come with magnetic resistance which makes them more appealing. This feature enables you to spin without shuddering or jerks when varying resistance. It also makes your bike smooth to ride. You don’t have to worry about making noise for your family as you exercise. Spin bikes are important in helping you shed off unwanted weight. Health professionals recommend the use of spin bikes to stay healthy and fit.


Health statistics show that a person who uses a spin cycle rarely gets sick when compared to the rest. It’s also common knowledge that spinning has no side effects. You only need to do it in the recommended way. Our modern lifestyles expose us to unhealthy living conditions. Once you make spinning a habit, you reduce the chances of becoming sick. Your heart functions as the engine of your body and must get protection. Spinning strengthens your heart and enhances the easier flow of blood throughout the body. Other organs like lungs depend on the proper functioning of the heart.

We recommend doing enough research before buying a spin bike. Some manufacturers give misleading information to make sales. You need to read informed reviews from reliable websites before parting with your cash. Choose a bike that rhymes with your lifestyle. Get a machine that is within your budget. Remember good results are not on the bike but your input and seriousness. Many people have tried and accomplished. It is never late to make a change. Join the gym community near you or buy an indoor exercise bike today and see the difference.

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