Are you a body groomer? Don’t be ashamed, own it! With this Remington PG525, you are getting a big bargain for a low cost, and that includes everything from having a lot of features and functions, to being one of the best values for those looking to get themselves a high quality body grooming device. This device is one of the highest rated devices that you will find online, but does that mean it is the best option for you? Let’s find out.Here I write Remington PG525 Review and guide.


The name is one that is recognized very easily. This is a company that has been in the razor/trimmer game for a very long time. The fact that they are still being as highly regarded for their high-quality products (with a generally low price tag), makes them a serious contender in a very competitive market.

Wet/Dry Shaving

This is another combination shaver that is truly ideal for using either inside the shower or in the dry air of wherever you get your most comfortable shaving. While you should not fully immerse the device in water, all of its attachments are intended to be cleaned by running them under the faucet and the device is encouraged to be used while you shower

Ten Length Settings For Precision Cutting

Having a few settings to vary the length of the hairs that you are cutting is great. Having ten different cutting settings that you can choose from allows the user to find the ideal length for anything that they are trimming all over their body, even the most sensitive areas

Long Battery Life

On a full charge, Remington suggests that you can get upwards of 70 minutes of function out of the battery. This far exceeds nearly every other trimmer or shaver within this price bracket, and truly allows someone to be able to take all the time they need grooming without the worries of the low battery slowing the cutting and pulling hairs.

  • Long lasting battery ensures that you have ample time to get all of the grooming done at one time.
  • Ten convenient length settings offer numerous options for your hair trimming needs.
  • Stainless steel self-sharpening blades ensure a close and precise cut every single time
  • A full body groomer that offers attachments and functionality to take care of every area of manscaping, from your head to your toes.
  • Battery is said to deteriorate over time, so it is advised to not leave your shaver plugged in longer than the adequate 4 hours it is slated to charge (otherwise you can damage its capacity and ability to hold the charge).
  • Some of the attachments are not incredibly sturdy and durable, so you are encouraged to be careful not to force attachments in to place or to drop the trimmer, as its design is rather easy to break.


How do you change the settings for length?

There is a sliding feature on the side of the trimmer that allows you to easily cycle between all of the available lengths, which makes it easier than having to change attachments or heads for each variable length.

Does this work well on the groin/sensitive areas?

The short answer is yes. Even without attachments, the trimmer works well with a close shave without irritations and pulling/cutting. While this is not a shaver that offers a “baby’s bottom” kind of smoothness, it is an excellent tool for close trimming.

Can I use this trimmer for my head hair?

As with most trimmers, this product is able to be used on your head hair as well, though the versatility for complex cuts on your head might show some of the reasons why normal head clippers might just be a better investment. But short answer, yes.


All in all, this is a great value for your money, as you are unlikely to find such a highly regarded clipper that has a recognizable brand name like Remington for as cheap as you will find this one. While there are certainly higher end options out there both from this brand and from competing companies, this particular trimmer/shaver is well worth its low cost as an effective trimmer for all of your grooming needs. .Read our Main Buying Guide article for more detailed information what to keep in mind to make the best decision.


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