If you’re set on a journey to getting a ripped body or trying to reduce a few pounds, it is highly recommended to forget about several popular fitness myths that keep folks from really achieving their fitness goals. A couple of hundreds of wrong facts, misconceptions and myths have filled the internet and magazines that it becomes a bit confusing and hard actually to differentiate from what’s True and what’s not. In this particular article, you’ll discover the reality about five fitness misconceptions or Myths rather.

This is completely wrong! Women that do Weight lifting will not and can not transform you into some muscular beast; Nobody can become bulky/huge just from weight lifting. The main reason why Ladies won’t gain all the extra muscle as men are due to genetics. Women have much less testosterone in their body and therefore won’t be in a position to develop huge muscles like Men — Testosterone is known as the muscle-building hormone in our body,  and needless to say, Men have it more than Women. When a lady lifts weights, the only thing that happens is that they gain a small amount of muscle and become stronger, tighter and look a whole lot healthier.

Vigorous workouts can be done to supplement an unhealthy diet

This is a modern fitness myth that many people actually seem to believe. When People workout, they use their muscles, shape up their physiques and increase stamina and power. But if you perform exercise three times weekly for approximately one hour, you actually spend 3 hours weekly exercising. The remains of that week should be used to give attention to your daily diet and what you take into your body. In any case, You need to feed yourself in a healthy manner and make sure you have testing times between your exercise routines to get the notable results. 

The Older you get, the Fatter you become

This misconception is what it is…A Misconception. The reason why many Seniors have a bigger belly or stomach is just that of insufficient exercise and poor diet options. As you get older, your body will need longer to recuperate from workouts. — But this isn’t unnatural. Regardless of age or gender, Any person who would like to become more healthy and athletic can do just that, no matter what.

Burning fat in a particular spot

This is actually the worst myth, and probably one of the most frequent as well! The truth is that it’s impossible to reduce fat in a single particular area by exercising it. You might get a better-developed muscle, but that won’t help you remove fats from the preferred area only through the use of an exercise. The moment you lose weight, you are actually losing it all around your body. Your desire for a better-shaped thigh or butt requires a full body work out, not a ‘Thigh or Butt Fat burning exercise.”

Stopping Exercise will make your muscle transform into Fat

This Myth is soo Old, widespread and Believed by many to the point that it freaks me out. The main reason muscular people gain lots of fat once they quit exercising is basically because they often do not change their calorie consumption. They keep eating the same amount of food they did, when they were still into doing workouts, causing them to gain a huge amount of fat because they don’t really adapt their diet with their current lifestyle.


There you have it! You’ve finally discovered the truth in regards to a variety of popular fitness myths. The next time you read a fascinating simple fact in a mag or notice it on the air or somewhere, I advise that you do rain check before believing it. Cheers!

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