Body grooming may be a little delicate though. It depends on the part of the body to be groomed and the efficacy of the body groomer you want to use. The body groomer you employ can make or mare your experience when trimming or shaving. I suggest these should be left for the professionals to do. Although, using a good body groomer is another fantastic option. Get your body groomer, all other kits and be ready to give yourself a good trim.

Generally speaking, human being is going less hairy. In this generation, covering the body with clothes all over makes growing hairs on the skin becomes unnecessary. Well, you may say replacing the nature hairs with fabricated materials looks less reasonable. But, I will tell you that growing heavy hairs in some parts of the body isn’t fashionable or make you a little sexier. Moreover, it doesn’t proof any form of masculinity in men either.

Quite interestingly, 84 percent of 3,300 women interviewed in a survey always have a good shave while 16 percent never shaved or groomed the pubic hair once. 59 percent of these women having themselves shaved gave good hygiene as the reason. But this was debunked by Dr. Browen, a professor at the University of California and the team leader of the researchers. Dr. Browen’s team also found out that ladies having good trimmed pubic are twice sexually active than those not grooming the pubic hairs at all.

He termed it a misconception and reiterated that having hairs in any part of isn’t unhygienic afterwards. Getting a good hair trim using your body groomer is a matter of choice or preference. It may more likely have something to do with what your partner prefers. I suggest you only buzz after enquiring from her how she wants it.When it comes to grooming the body hair or total removal, this is applicable to most part of the body of both sexes. Some groom or have hairs removed from the chest, back, arms, legs and armpits, even the balls, shaft, butt and perineum. When grooming some of these body parts you need to thread wisely and cautiously.

Hair grooming is good especially if you apply a nice body groomer. But bad grooming techniques have also been linked with some medical conditions. And some infections have been traced to bad shaving or grooming habits. Whatever method you choose, please bear in mind that removing hairs from your skin may also affect it. You need to follow certain prescribed processes not to get caught pants down when performing this task.

The first thing you do is to keep the skin well hydrated. This will certainly prevent inflammation during the process of removing hairs. I advise if you want to shave, to do this after a warm shower or rather you apply a razor gel to improve the gliding of the body groomer. Shaving in the direction of the hair growth is also advisable. Please always use a sharp razor or body groomer for this operation. It has been found to reduce the probability of causing folliculitis. A dull body groomer or blade means that you have to apply across the part several times before effecting a clean shave. This is a cheap way of getting skin irritation. It can be avoided altogether using a perfect body groomer.

Folliculitis is a form of inflammation to the hair follicles. Grooming or using infected razors are also attributable to the spread of this disease. When you injure the follicles, they can easily be infected. The infection spreads to other body parts. Folliculitis affects any part of the body where hairs grow. Nevertheless, it’s commonly found in arms, beard part, back, legs and buttocks.

Removing hairs from the body is just more than aesthetics or fashion. It must be done carefully to avoid serious health issues. Waxing or laser treatments not properly done can result in burns. You need to carry out grooming in a very safe way. But immediately report any complication to your health care officer.

The following part may be groomed as detailed below:

#The Pubic

The pubic hairs are quite notorious. pubicIt poses some sort of difficulty when grooming or shaving. Most especially in women, grooming the pubic hairs is a potential source of injury. And it may result in infection. I always advise ladies to get the pubic area dry before trimming. But in the case of shaving, it’s somewhat preferred wet. In other words, shave wet and trim dry. This is the rule. You can reduce irritation when shaving by soaking in warm water for some minutes.


Moreover, to deal with some embarrassing outgrowth under the armpits is very essential. They force themselves out when wearing armless tops. The volume can be reduced using a body groomer. You can also do the trimming using a pair of scissors anyway. Some guys also try to get some hairs off their upper arms. This is perfectly okay to trim.


There are guys that are heavily hairy on the back. This is simple to get rid of. But as I always advise hairs in this part of the body isn’t sexy or fashionable. If you have a good partner to trim it, you may not just attempt doing it alone. Nevertheless, this part is the easiest and doesn’t come with any pain. Here waxing may be another interesting option.


Trimming the natural legs is also a simple task. Taking off hair may well be advisable for the hairy guys or ladies. It doesn’t hurt at all but gives you a new look.


chestTrimming the hairs of the chest is interesting. But before you embark on this, get a good body groomer. Remember to always to trim from up downwards but do it dry. This is very necessary to enjoy looking good always.

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