Manscaping and general body grooming are more of a trend now than it has ever been in history. So if there was ever a time to try it out for yourself, this is it. This product from Philips has gone out of its way to make the process both simple and painless for anyone who wants to use this kind of product. I myself have tried out this product and found that it was pretty easy to set up and use, which is not always the case for other devices that are meant to help with grooming the body. There are certainly a few things to consider when it comes to this particular product, though. here I write Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7100 Review.

The Brand Philips

There is something to be said about a brand name that you know and have known for a long time. Philips has been around for over 100 years. While they weren’t making manscaping and body grooming devices that whole time. they were making some huge strides in improving the quality of life for the average person, since the creation of a lightbulb over 120 years ago that catapulted the company to success. So case in point, they know what they’re doing.

Effectiveness/Quality of Shave or Trim

For the mid-range cost of this shaver/groomer, it has a lot of features similar to some of the higher end competitors that might exist. Its pivoting head ensures that you aren’t struggling to follow the contours of the body and maintains a close shave throughout any area you are using it. The trimmer has 5 different length settings to choose from, so even if you like different looks in different areas, this trimmer can do it effectively.

Ease of Use

While you do need to charge it for a full day before its first use, once it is ready to use, this shaver is very easy to figure out. It has two sides (either end of the trimmer) that offer the trimming function with easy settings to change length, and the shaving head on the other end which offers a close shave with little irritation.


A Great Value

As you can see from other reviews, people consider this product to be a good value for the money. In the world of body groomers out there, you aren’t going to find a lot of quality options for a lower price tag than what you will find with this Philips product, which is a testament to its value. Given its range of features and functions, which are not entirely common to all of the available groomers in the Bodygroom Series range of competitor products, this stands out as a quality buy.

  • Pivoting head for close and comfortable shaving (rolls back and forth to the contours of the human body)
  • 5 adjustable lengths for quality trimming (to as long as 11/25 of an inch) to get a completely customized look just for your body
  • Shave Wet/Dry – the device has a completely waterproof shell which allows you to do all of your trimming or shaving while you are in the shower.
  • Self-sharpening blades ensure that you are getting a close and comfortable shave for years.
  • Battery requires a full day of charging before you are able to use it the very first time. While this ensures that you are getting the most out of the battery, later on, it is certainly inconvenient at first.
  • Some have experienced battery concerns, namely the battery diminishing over time. It is recommended to keep your trimming around 15 minutes or less at a time and to not always leave your battery tethered to its charger.


Is this a good product for shaving the groin/pubic region?

Yes. This is one of the reasons that the shaver has it’s pivoting head, to better be able to adapt to all of the variances in the groin area.

Can I purchase a replacement head for the trimmer?

Yes, you can. You usually are going to be able to do this from the same location where you purchased the product initially, but it is available in many places online. Though it is said that many reviewers have been using theirs for years without feeling the need to replace it.

Is it waterproof?

Technically, it’s shower proof. There really isn’t documentation to say you can fully submerge it in water, but it is good to use while you are taking a shower.


All in all, this seems like a pretty good buy for its mid-range price. Most of the people who use it, (including me). Are happy with the performance of the product and don’t feel as though we’ve broken our wallets in order to have it. While I am not naïve as to think that this is the greatest trimmer/groomer out there, it might very well be the best within its price range.Read our Buying Advice article for more detailed information what to keep in mind to make the best decision.


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