Unless you have someone in your life that is really just all about helping you keep your back hair in check, having a product that is specifically designed to knock out this task is a worthwhile investment for a lot of men. Myself included couldn’t seem to find that special someone that wanted to devote their time to knocking out my back hair, that I couldn’t really get to on my own, so this nifty little device actually proves quite useful in my weekly life. So let’s get into some of the reasons why it might be a good product (or not a good product) for you specifically. so, here I write Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Back Shaver Review and guide.

Mangroomer (The Brand)

This is a company that is more recently starting to come into its own, In terms of offering highly regarded and appreciated grooming products specifically for men. While the company does offer Ladygroomer products from the same overall company, the Mangroomer line of devices and products are specific in nature to the needs of men from overall body grooming to this particular shaving device, which attacks that hard to reach back hair.

Online Reviews/What People Are Saying

The overall feel for this company online is a very positive one, and I myself believe in the quality of the products that they are making as well. While I have not officially purchased anything else from Mangroomer but this Ultimate Pro, my thoughts on its performance and long lasting battery are on par with what the bulk of online reviewers are also saying when they are using it.

How It Works

I was a little curious about this myself when I first started researching the solutions for problematic back hair. It is basically a bendable long arm that you can attach to the end of your shaver, it is then easily able to access the areas that you can’t with just your regular reach and the trimmer in hand.

What Are You Getting With The Cost of the Shaver

Typically when you are purchasing this at either a local retail location or online, you are getting a package deal with the trimmer, the extending arm attachment for back access, and an additional head for the trimmer as well. This makes it usable for far more than just taking care of your back hair, but offers an overall grooming experience.

  • Innovative extending arm that allows you to shave off your back hair without requiring the help of a trusted friend or spouse.
  • Two heads offer either a closer and more concentrated cutting experience or a broader trim of thicker back hair.
  • Flex necks on either attachment adjust to the contours of the body, offering a close and clean shave with no irritation.
  • Fast recharging time on the battery, which has already been hailed as very long lasting.
  • Delicate shaver heads that could break easily if mishandled
  • Battery lasting power (while hailed as amazing at first) has been said to greatly deteriorate with time, so the trimmer/shaver works effectively for less and less time the more frequently that the product is said to be used.
  • Blades are not self sharpening, as with other products for grooming are, which means that you will inevitably have to purchase replacement heads for a clean and close cut over time.


Is it easy to use?

Yes. This product takes very little time to attach together and can have you shaving off your back hair in a matter of a few minutes. It is recommended, to begin with, the trimmer before using the foil shaver, as this will help both of their blades last longer.

Is this better than the original Mangroomer?

If you are someone that only cares about trimming down your back hair to a relatively close cut, you can save about half the cost and still buy the original groomer which only comes with the broader trimming head. This version comes with the shaver as well for a smooth cut, but that is what the primary difference between the two products actually is.

Does it work well with coarse back hair?

From what I’ve gathered from personal use and from reviews I’ve read online, this product is good for all thickness of back hair, even very coarse hair. By using the trimmer attachment first, you can get it all down to a manageable length for the close shave the foil shaving attachment provides.


All in all, this is a product that has been needed for as long as manscaping has been a thing, and it seems that Mangroomer has provided the general public with a cost effective solution to their back hair woes. While there are high-end options out there, or perhaps even cheaper options than this product, there are few that are as highly regarded and rated as this product is all over the internet.Read our Buying Guide article for more detailed information what to keep in mind to make the best decision.


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