5 Tips to a Killer Physique

Getting the right physique can be expensive and time-consuming if you decide to use the gym to achieve your objective. American weight-loss desire and behaviors statistics show that 51 percent of Americans are not comfortable with their body size and feel that they should do something about it. The same report also indicates that only 26 percent of those feeling uncomfortable are working on a plan to get a physique that they desire.

Are you also struggling to get a killer physique but you can’t get to a gym? Are you having lots of responsibilities that keep you glued at home? I have a solution for you. I would recommend that you use these five tips to get that killer physique without stepping in the gym.

Muscle Exhaustion

You need to have dumbbells set; I recommend that a range of 5-10 pounds for females and 10-15 pounds for males. You can start the exercise by lifting it for a maximum of 20 minutes daily, or you can do it until the muscle fails. Research shows that when your muscles fail, they add mass and strengthen. The lifting should be done on a two up and four down counts.


Squatting is a body exercise that has proved to give the best results for many years. It mainly works on the back and legs. Squatting can be done at any time of the day. When squatting be sure not to go so low, the lowest you can go is 90 degrees. You can start with simple styles like free hand squats then advance to more complex ones.

Muscles Squeezing

It is the simplest tip that I would recommend that you start with right away if you have the plan of getting that great physique. You just need to flex the legs, butt, or arms and hold it for nearly a minute. It promotes toning and leanness of muscles.

Walking or Running

You need to have a good pair of shoes. Running is good for your heart; it will keep it healthy. The body will transform quickly is 80% of the energy is focused on cardio.

walking and running


Now you have what you can enjoy doing. The best position to do it is by putting yourself facing the ground with your also facing down. It works on your abs, back, shoulder, chest, and triceps.


As long as all principles are in place correctly, consistently and long enough for it to actually work and body will be built without gym.

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