Ever notice on older man’s bushy eyebrows? This unsightly facial hair seems to be and more noticeable in older men than it is in younger men. The reason why this facial hair is more noticeable in older men is that nose hair, and ear hair tends to grow longer in men as they age.

According to The Naked Scientist, this hair growth is caused by hormones comma in specific the so-called sex steroid. The dominant hormone for men is of the androgen category. We are speaking particularly of testosterone. The levels of this hormone tend to rise as men age up until the age of about 70. Increase hormone level causes an increase in hair growth, especially in the areas of the nose, ears, and eyebrows.So it is not your imagination, your hair is growing particularly in these areas where it did not do so before.

What Can You Do About It?

It may be time to add a few tools to your grooming collection. You need to trim out and remove the unwanted and unsightly hair from ears and the nose area.

Do I Really Need a Nose Hair Trimmer?

Removing body hair can be an unpleasant task that is even painful When performed manually. This is why you want to find some type of nose hair trimming tool to remove this unwanted hair without causing any pain. Small ear and nose trimmers are the best answer to this problem. You just need to choose the right model.

But wait! You can’t just get rid of it all! According to Ever Unfolding, Nasal hair serves an important function. It keeps dust, bacteria, and dirt from entering the nose. However, this does not mean you have to have an excessive amount of nasal hair for it to do its job. In other words, you may need to trim your nasal hair to a certain length to get functionality but keep from looking like a jungle tiger.

With the proper type of nose hair trimming device you can trim just a few hairs that stick out and keep that nasal hair filter intact.To help you figure out how to use a nose hair trimmer or an ear hair trimmer we have written this basic guideline.

The Setup

Just like shaving, nose hair trimming requires some practice. Consider these four simple steps to make the trim process faster and more efficient:

Perform trimming action in an area with good lighting. You need to be able to see what you are doing and see the hair that you need to trim out of your nasal cavity as well as in your ears.
Use a magnifying mirror. By using a small magnifying facial mirror, you can get a close up to see what areas need the most trimming.
Clean your nose before you start trimming. It can be tricky to look up your nasal cavity, so you want it to be as clean as is possible.
Separate the hair. Use a wet washcloth to keep the nasal hair from becoming frizzy. This allows you to cut easily as you can see what you’re doing.

Prevent Yourself from over-trimming the nasal hair. Remember the nasal hair is a part of your immune system, and its purpose is to keep your nose clean from airborne dirt, dust, and bacteria period, so you don’t want to remove every inch of your nasal hair.

Bottom Line

You can use either a manual or electric nose trimmer or hair removal tool. However, comma the most efficient grooming tool for this type of job seems to be the electric nose and ear hair trimmer. The type and brand you get will depend on what you’re looking for, your budget and the amount of time you want the product to last.


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