I have been looking for the right trimmer/shaver combo for a long time now and was pleased to see this 3-in-1 product available. With a trusted name in shaving like Gillette, it is no wonder why this product was already highly rated from other people when I found it. Body grooming really is starting to become quite a trend for guys all around the world, and so it is important to know that the trimmer/shaver that you choose is the right fit for you. While I have been pleased with the product in the short time that I have used it, perhaps a more in-depth look at the product can help you make a more informed decision and decide if it is something that you will be pleased with as well.

Braun Technology

Not only are you getting the trusted blades from Gillette with the purchase of this product (and these are the only blades you are able to use with it), you are also getting the trusted Braun technology behind the edging and trimming functions of the product. This trusted name has become almost synonymous with clean and precise cutting, and long lasting blades for quality cuts far into the future.

Precision Edging Blade

A unique feature to this product is the edging blade that makes neatly trimming and styling even your most sensitive areas a snap. While a trimmer/shaver combination is not all that uncommon, rarely in this price range are you going to get a Braun trimmer, Gillette shaving heads and a Braun edging tool in one convenient package.

3-In-1 Combination Device

There are few products, especially within this price range that offer the versatility of this shaver and trimmer. While each of these functions within the product act independently, they are both from high quality trusted names in grooming products. When you add in the edging tool for more precise cutting and styling, you have a truly unique product that can replace several traditional grooming tools.

Keep Yourself Organized

Convenience and organization are things that cannot be overstated with the often limited space that men have on the sink at their home. If you are someone that struggles with available storage space for all of your grooming tools, you will be happy to see that each part of this product, including its detachable combs for length options, all fit conveniently into the small holding stand for the trimmer.

  • 3-in-1 technology allows for you to have a shaving tool, a trimming device and a precision edger to really up your styling game.
  • Braun trusted blades comprise the trimmer and edger
  • Convenient holder for the product keeps all of your pieces organized in a convenient place.
  • Battery operated (non rechargeable battery included). This means that you will have to replace the battery whenever the trimmer starts to falter in power.
  • Shaver is only able to be used with specific Gillette blades
  • Single battery does not last as long as rechargeable options on the market typically last


Can this be used for sensitive areas?

This is considered to be a body groomer, so it is specifically designed for every area of your body that you are looking to trim up or keep smooth. It is said that for certain appendages, you might be better off keeping the first level of comb guard on the trimmer as to keep some space in between your skin and the sharp blades of the Braun trimmer.

Is this exclusively for men?

While this is deemed to be a body groomer for men, this does not mean that it can only be used for men. While the same general cautions go into effect for women regarding the buffer between your sensitive areas and the trimmer, you should experience the same smoothness and precision cutting that men would.

Can you use other replacement blades besides Gillette?

Unfortunately, the only blades that will fit the shaving end of this product are from the various Gillette lines of razors. These have a very specific attaching implement that makes other blade options unusable for the trimmer.


All in all, this is a product that a lot of people seem to deem a great value. While this is deemed among the more reasonably priced trimmers on the market, its inclusion of both a razor and an edger make it an even better bang for your buck. While there are certainly more costly options out there (many with even grander features and rechargeable batteries), this is a product that a lot of people have grown to both love and trust to get the job done.Read our Buying Advice article for more detailed information what to keep in mind to make the best decision.


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