Are you a manscaper? Body shavers are not uncommon things to see in the average bathroom these days where modern men are living. Taking care of your body hair isn’t something all that taboo, and its mainstream presence has shown itself in a lot of products coming out in recent years to capitalize on this trend. One of the more recent products that is making quite a good impression in its shorter existence is the Braun Cruzer 6 Body Shaver. This Cruzer line has a well-established history with good ratings and reviews, and the trend is continuing with this latest offering in the line. Are you searching Braun Cruzer 6 Body Shaver Review. Don’t worry, here we discuss part by part about this.

Cruzer Line of Products

As was earlier said, the Cruzer line is one that has been well established through 5 previous editions before this most recent Cruzer 6. Its former edition held fast at 4.1 of 5 stars available through Amazon reviews, and this latest product is getting similar praise. This is a statement about sticking to what works and improving the quality of where things need to change.

Wet/Dry Shaving

The versatility of this groomer allows the user to shave or trim either in the dry air outside of the shower, or to combine it with that shower for an equally effective shave. While it is not deemed to work being completely submerged in water, it is deemed to be shower proof and its waterproof design allows extended use in the shower to ensure that you are getting just the kind of cut you are after.

Hair Trimmer/ Wet Body Shaver

This combination of both allows this device to be the only device that you are going to ever need to get the kind of shave or trim that any place on your body is going to need. While some of the higher end products offer, A motorized razor in lieu of the replaceable heads you’ll find on the Cruzer 6. there are plenty who believe the smoothest shaves come from straight blades anyway.

Combination Mode Allows For Trimming And Shaving In One Swipe

The innovative design of this groomer allows you to trim long hairs and then shave the stubble in one swipe across the area. While the combination of both separate functions is not new to groomers, having a design that allows. you to do both in the same motion makes it a truly innovative product that is unrivaled in price.

  • Combination cutting that allows you to both trim and cut with the same motion. This both saves time and battery life on the rechargeable device.
  • Attachments for the trimmer allow for a controlled length on various areas of the body.
  • Extra small trimming teeth for reducing potential irritation on highly sensitive body areas
  • You have to replace the heads of the razor on a regular basis instead of having a self-sharpening motorized version.
  • You are limited by the charge of the battery, which while on par with many of the groomers in its class, does not typically last over 20 minutes of use.


How does the trim/shave combination work?

Essentially it is about positioning the trimmer portion closer to your skin and coming across the hair while the razor portion is pressed against the newly trimmed hair and following behind.

Do I need to clean the trimmer/body of the Cruzer?

For starters, you will need to clean the device from time to time, but cleaning it is pretty easy to do. Primarily, you will need to clean the trimming portion by taking the included brush through its teeth and cleaning all of the attachments. To finish cleaning the device, run its trimmer and shaving head under hot water and shake to remove its excess water. Let it dry before re-using it.

Are there other blades that can work with the shaving portion?

As this is specifically a combination product meant to be used with Gillette blades, these are the only heads that are meant to fit on the Cruzer 6.


All in all, this groomer is on the low end of the price spectrum and can really offer you a close and precise shave. If you can overcome the need to replace the shaving heads with Gillette specific heads (as these are the only heads designed to work), this is fairly inexpensive and effective body groomer for any man’s needs.Read our Best Body Groomer article for more detailed information what to keep in mind to make the best decision.


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