Body Grooming

Looking good they say is good business. You know what is more interesting? It is the fact that you do not have to wait to have millions before you can change your appearance and create the right impression.Body Grooming your appearance properly has become an essential part of our daily lives. I sure would not want to employ any funny guy looking like a cave man in my company, and I am sure you wouldn’t too.

I have heard some guys saying that they really don’t have to worry about their looks because it’s only common to the ladies to bother about how they look. Hey! You should know that there are certain aspects of your appearance like your clothes, hair (beards, chest and other public areas) your teeth even your cologne should be treated with utmost priority when considering body grooming. These days, body grooming has gone beyond early morning face shaves, to grooming the entire body

Research has shown that about 20% of men between the ages of 15-90 years in the United States of America and 50% of Germans (men) of equal age as stated above shave or trim hair below their necks. Also, for men about 24-34 years in the United States, the statistics increases to 30% with numbers still shooting high.

Benefits of Body Grooming

  • A well-groomed body gives you charisma and confidence and affects the way you walk? Let us say you sit out with the boys and you are catching up on old times imagine you laugh and throw your hands up and everybody is like ‘euww!’ I know you will be embarrassed.
  • It also draws people to you; you become that handsome, cute guy that people just can’t stop admiring. The ladies always wants to come around you, you may not wear expensive stuff, but what I am saying is body grooming.
  • Grooming yourself gives you that neat and clean aura, you feel comfortable, and this affects the way people react and respond to you.
  • Men choose to groom their bodies for hygienic purposes; I’ll be speaking plainly if I say that body odor is one of the embarrassing reasons why men take to body grooming. Medically I discovered that it is not the hair per say that smells but there are bacteria’s that grow under wet conditions where hair grows, they cause the irritating smell.
  • Most guys also take to body grooming to show off their muscles, biceps, and triceps to enhance the appearance of their body shape.

Body grooming depends on your personal preferences, these days men have different reasons for grooming their bodies unlike in ancient Greece where the men who groomed themselves were considered heroes, viral and attractive and the ones who kept body hairs were considered hideous and villains.

How to Use a Body Groomer

Now to help you groom your body and Crank your style up, we will be talking about how to use a body groomer.

To trim the hair around your back

You will need a hand-held mirror and a clipper. Set the trimmer at the lowest setting, if someone around is willing to help you do it, but if not, I will advise that you use an extendable hair trimmer with your back to a larger mirror than the hand-held navigate the area with the hand-held mirror then guide the trimmer all the way with your hand. Do this every three to four weeks. 

For your head

You will need a razor blade and a hand-held mirror, pre-shave oil, shave cream and an after-shave balm. Now, after a bath, gently massage the pre-shave oil onto your head followed by the shave cream then carefully with the blade, use the hand-held mirror and find your way around your head, do the same thing you did when shaving your back. Afterward, apply the after-shave balm to hold off irritations. Do this every one to three days.

It is really no big deal getting to know how to use a body groomer, just charge it properly, and stick to the instruction on the user’s guide of the groomer you purchase. Just to make things easier for you, I would suggest a few body groomers I know are rocking the market;








You really do not have to shave everything off, like I earlier said, body grooming depends on individual preferences try to shave off that odd part of the hair that shows off when you are at the beach in a swimsuit. Try grooming your body, smell nicer, look and feel cleaner and look younger. You will be surprised at what incredible personality this would build for you.

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