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Five Popular Fitness Myths that are Totally Wrong

If you're set on a journey to getting a ripped body or trying to reduce a few pounds, it is highly recommended to forget about several popular fitness myths that keep folks from really achieving their fitness goals. A couple of hundreds of wrong facts, misconceptions...

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5 Solid Reasons to Avoid Cheap Body Groomer

Reasons to Avoid Cheap Body Groomer Body groomers come with different prices. There are those that are pricey while others cheap. Most people go for the cheapest reason being both serve the same purpose. However, they are wrong! The following are the five solid...

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Top 5 Best Barber Clippers : Expert Guide & Reviews

What are Hair Clippers? These are special tools or equipment’s that are used by a barber to cut or trim the hair of human beings. Although these hair clippers have the same concept with scissors and razors they are also very different from both razor and scissors....

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Gillette Fusion Proglide Review

I have been looking for the right trimmer/shaver combo for a long time now and was pleased to see this 3-in-1 product available. With a trusted name in shaving like Gillette, it is no wonder why this product was already highly rated from other people when I found it....

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