Our goal is to provide our audience with detailed information about Health products, along with our recommendations of the products that stand out as the best of the best. We aren’t necessarily looking for the most expensive or feature-packed products. Rather, we take into account the types of features that are likely to matter in real-world situations.

Who We Want To Help

Life can get busy and hectic, and most people don’t have the time to spend hours upon hours researching the best possible product. That means they are left to a) rely on website reviews, which are often loaded with paid reviews which skew the results, b) rely on word of mouth or c) choose based on a company’s advertising. These options make it difficult to choose the best product for your specific needs.

How We Determine Which Product Is Best

Determining the “best” product is not as straightforward as some might think. While some product categories have concrete metrics that can be compared against one another, other products aren’t so straightforward. In order to measure qualitative information, we draw on research and conversations with experts to narrow the field of products.

From there, we design a series of quantitative and qualitative tests designed to narrow those products to a “best” one or two. We are completely transparent in the process, and will always explain how and why we came to our conclusion. We’ll also explain why the other “finalists” didn’t ultimately make the cut.

What To Do If We Haven’t Reviewed A Product

We typically spend at least 24 hours researching and writing a single article—and sometimes much more! As a result, there are still hundreds of product categories we still want to review, and over time we plan on getting too many of them. Of course, if there is a particular product you would like us to review, be sure to let us know via our contact form and we will be sure to consider it.

Who We Are

Our team is made up of passionate individuals with distinct backgrounds and unique areas of expertise. One thing we all have in common is our passion for finding the best possible solutions, and the research experience to know how to find the answer.

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